Underpinning Philosophy

Our Leadership Coaching is all about helping to achieve ‘real learning’, which we define as ‘deliberately doing things differently’ and builds from the following principles:

Real Learning fuels increased empowerment and self-mastery…
…sustained by the belief that finding something to do differently will always change a situation, it is oriented towards increasing the control people feel they can have over their own situations.

Real Learning comes through a balanced mix of new knowledge PLUS reflection & questioning insight…
…a combination of both new knowledge inputs (externally available expertise and guidance)
PLUS reflection & questioning insight
(opening out situations and experiences to widen perspective and uncover fresh possibilities for action)


Real Learning is a creative practice…
…asking questions and trying things out to uncover multiple possibilities will reveal the best solutions, rather than getting advice and looking for the ‘right’ answers; and building the creative capabilities of experimenting & taking risks, original thinking & imagination, challenging & questioning, listening & noticing, reflection, collaboration and, often most critically, resilience.

Real Learning involves repetitions of both reflection outside the situation and taking action inside the situation…
… repeated cycles of experiential learning: deliberate experimentation (trying out new ways of acting), followed by reflection to uncover new understanding and learning, in order to inform new experiments and improved ways of acting.


Real Learning comes from Appreciative Inquiry as much as Problem Solving…
…by giving them attention we can learn as much from our successes, achievements and what is already working well as we do from overcoming problems, as well as increasing the sense of confidence and self-belief that is vital to our ability to carry out our changes and new ideas.

Real Learning must be owned and led by the coachee…
…the coachee keeps the driver’s seat as the expert and owner of their own problems & situations and therefore, too, of deciding what solutions and learning they will adopt and carry through.


Essential Conditions for Successful Leadership Coaching
The full effectiveness of Leadership Coaching depends upon agreement that:
• The development agenda will be led by the coachee, and informed, monitored and appraised by their line manager as part of their usual supervisory support.
• Either coachee or coach can suspend the relationship after the first meeting if either feels there is insufficient rapport to sustain a productive relationship.
• All conversation during Coaching sessions will be strictly confidential. This means that we will not disclose the content of meetings with anyone else, and the coachee will choose what they disclose and to whom. If any feedback or reporting is required from us, the scope and terms of this must be agreed with the coachee in advance.

Programme Framework
We usually recommend a series of 6 x 120minute sessions at approximately 2-4 weekly intervals, balanced with the required timetable for this development and the coachee’s ongoing work demands.

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