When did you last think about your breathing?

If we become more conscious, deliberate, flexible and skilled at breathing we will get
from this to . . .

* …feel more confident and more truly ourselves;
* …grow and continually renew our sense of capability and influence over the world we inhabit;
* …quiet, calm and control feelings of anxiety, stress or terror in times of panic or unsureness;
* …fire our inspiration into life and trust our unconscious minds to bring us the ideas and
solutions we need;
* …radiate an animated, dynamic and receptive presence and come across to people as bright,
charismatic and attractive;
* …and take us across a creative leap from our personal breathing practices into something
more profound and collective that
can affect the vibrations and creative possibilities of our encounters in groups.

Simply by becoming better at breathing opens up for us a myriad of fresh possibilities around us.
If we practice even very simple breathing exercises over time, we will build a stronger,
more resilient sense of confidence, ease and energy that can lead us to feel more intensely open,
enlivened by and connected into the world and its people.

And better breathing not only makes us feel more alive and vital, it significantly
adds to our overall and long-term health and well-being.

In this guide I have explored Six Ways of Breathing that are suggested by different meanings
of the verb ‘to breathe’ provided by my Collins Dictionary.
And even though I have drawn from a deliberately wide variety of different ‘breathing experts,’
much more similarity than difference is offered by the learning they offer.
I hope that, whether taken separately or together, you can get something fresh and useful
from these ideas and exercises to add to your own ways of becoming and being
more fully the person you want to be.
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mark trezona
January 2012