Happiness at Work

Below you will find our  Happiness At Work online collection of best ideas, stories, videos, sounds, and techniques connected to happiness and wellbeing at work - updated every Friday. We really hope you will find something in this to enjoy and something new to add your repertoire of existing ideas about how to flourish and thrive in your work.

Here is this week’s new collection.
Happiness At Work #125
~ What is the work you can't not do?

This collection features stories about how we can increase our sense of meaning and accomplishment at work - two of Martin Seligman’s essentials for flourishing (along with positive emotion, engagement and strong relationships)

And, ahead of the
21st century time management workshop I am making with ITC in London on 30th April, we have gathered a clutch of ideas that offer new ways of grappling with the ever-challenging difficulty of achieving/improving/maintaining productivity in our excessively switched on contemporary working lives