Being Happy, Creative and Productive
Being Happy, Creative and Productive
Presentation slides


Slideshow movie created by Mark Trezona
Soundscape by Mark Trezona & Martyn Duffy
with original music by Martyn Duffy

This Presentation formed part of a workshop with disabled artists
commissioned by
Ardent Hare
Whitechapel Gallery, London, 17th September 2012 and
University of Portsmouth, 10th September 2012

Being Happy, Creative and Productive
1.15pm Welcome from Graham Wiffen, Chair Ardent Hare

1.30pm - 2.15pm Talk by Mark Trezona, Bridgebuilders
• What is happiness? (quick creative ignition activity)
• Flourishing ~ how Happiness, Creativity & Productivity are related
• Why happiness matters
• Can we learn to be happier?
• 6 essential elements for flourishing ~ and ways to increase them... + Positive emotion + Engagement + Relationships + Meaning + Accomplishments... plus + Resilience

Whitechapel Gallery, London programme
2.15pm -- 3pm Talk by
Tony Heaton, Artist & Chief Executive of Shape
• Happiness is a song...
• Happiness is a real concept, not just a cork floating on the sea: you can do something about it by choosing your frame of mind.
• Happiness and art / artistry
• Happiness and disability

University of Portsmouth programme
2.45pm -- 3.15pm Talk by
Paola Campari -- Moss, Director CIBAS
• Creativity, Innovation & Enterprise
• Confidence
• Increasing Positive Emotions ~ Unique Selling Points
• Tools for Increasing Engagement
• Building Relationships ~ Networking and Social Media
• Enhancing Meaning ~ Bigger Picture and Value
• Accomplishment ~ Success and Achievement

3pm -- 3.45pm Refreshments & Networking

3.45pm -- 4.30pm Participative session led by Mark Trezona
1. Individual reflection to think through own ideas
2. Clean space dialogue activity in small groups:
Thinking about my own happiness, creativity and productivity... • What am I already doing that is working well? • What might I do differently?

4.30pm -- 4.45pm Q&A discussion chaired by Stevie Rice, Director Ardent Hare

4.45pm -- 5pm Final networking to close