Mini MBA in Peak Performance and Productivity

Our e-learning programme - made for IME | inspire motivate and engage - has been successfully running for 6 months now.
This online course, designed and led by Mark Trezona, our happiness at work expert and MD, offers you the latest from the science of happiness at work that you can do at your own speed. 
As extra value this course includes a series of six 5minute breathing exercises from Martyn Duffy, our head of sound and performance expert  and head of arts-based learning.

Would you like to add a Mini MBA to your professional achievements, whilst learning the secrets of success and happiness at work? If so, this course is for you.
Get ahead with 21st century learning that gives you the insights you need to manage your work effectively, increase productivity and remove obstacles that may be holding you back..
The mini MBA in Peak Performance & Productivity is split into six modules, each with a strong focus on the results they deliver and the changes they will make to your personal and professional life:

You will learn how to practice

  • Module 1: The Recipe For Success – How Happiness At Work makes us More Successful & Productive - including 'What It Means To Be Successful in 2014'
  • Module 2: Engagement At Work and How To Play To Your Strengths - including a detailed guide to uncovering and harnessing your own Signature Strengths using Martin Selgman & Christopher Peterson's fantastically powerful 24 Character Strengths model
  • Module 3: Making Great Relationships At Work - including exercises for increasing your own personal effectiveness and for unlocking relationships that have become stuck or derailed.
  • Module 4: Meaning and Accomplishment At Work – Making the Most of Your Achievements - including one of how to use one of our favourite techniques of all time for managing multiple roles, demands and clashing priorities
  • Module 5: Harnessing the Power of Your Positivity and Creativity At Work - including the latest thinking about why we need 3-5 positives to equal every one negative - and how to achieve this in our work, relationships and lives.
  • Module 6: Resilience and Staying Positive When Times Are Tough - including including how to build resilience for the tough times using Charney & Southwick's 10 Essential Capabilities for Resilience (happiness's armour-plated cousin)

Make it Happen

Please contact us if you want to explore your own in-house programme of any or all of these elements, whether as a short bite-sized session, a longer programme, or your own customised e-learning programme of any mix of video lectures, live webinars, online coaching and supported forum-based learning