Leadership Coaching

This outlines a typical programme of 6 x one2one Performance Coaching sessions that can be adapted for individual people in response to their actual needs.

The nature of this form of development means that the specific elements of the programme will be defined from a mix of what the organisation expects from its investment and the needs of the coachee in relation to their professional role, aspirations and development aims. This outline is therefore intended to provide only an initial working framework for a typical programme.

Leadership Coaching can be a valuable investment for managers who need to (any of):
become capable and confident in a new role and/or augment existing skills,
expand their people management and/ or leadership expertise,
build their confidence and / or assertiveness,
develop their creativity and strategic thinking,
increase their repertoire of influencing and advocacy capabilities,
think through and navigate effectively with change,
think through specific problems and challenges and devise and carry through effective solutions.

Potential Programme Outcomes
1. To provide an increased repertoire of relevant techniques and approaches in (any of):
  • self-management, being proactive, using initiative;
    communications – influencing, conflict resolution, assertiveness, presentation,
  • advocacy, negotiating; and
    management & leadership, strategic thinking.
2. To provide opportunity to think through, create and implement solutions for (any of):
  • managing workload and balancing competing demands & priorities;
    increasing personal impact and field of influence in tune with preferred style and ways of working;
    initiating, supporting and sustaining effective relationships (internally and/or externally);
    dealing effectively with change; and
    devising strategic, project and/or work plans.
3. To help build clarity, self-confidence, motivation and commitment.
4. To provide a neutral, confidential space of support and challenge for the coachee to solve
problems, receive feedback, focus objectives and priorities and evaluate and adapt their own
performance in response to evolving demands and challenges of their role.

Key Elements of Leadership Coaching

The Leadership Coaching we provide can include:
organisational, leadership and communication models, approaches and techniques to help build practical, relevant and achievable solutions and better ways of working;
SMART Open Questioning aimed to help create fresh insight and uncover best solutions to specific challenges, and to build confidence and capacity for carrying these out; and

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