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Leadership Development Programme

This is a recent programme we made to equip participants with management expertise in order to be able to confidently and effectively carry out management activities such as leading large group meetings, solving people problems, developing and supporting individuals, building and maintaining effective team working, facilitating effective communications, solving people problems and resolving conflict situations and people problems

The programme involved:
* A series of four one-day workshops to provide an accumulative programme of coherent approaches and techniques covering the essential elements of people management.

* Structured around and supplementing these training sessions, each participant received a 45minute one2one coaching session to help them to fine-tune the learning to their own particular needs and situations.

* 2 months later once people had had time to try out and practice their new skills, each participant received a second 60min one2one coaching session to help them to consolidate and extend their own learning and to address any unmet needs or problems or concerns that had arisen.

* PLUS one half-day group session for participants to pool and share their emergent learning and maximise best practices across the company, to keep learning alive and ongoing, and to identify ways of building and sustaining resilience, confidence and creative problem solving in the face of unexpected situations and difficulties.

The programme of 1day workshops included:
BB bullett 2 Workshop 1. Managing People as Individuals – understanding what defines excellent people management and developing different ways to support and help individuals to become willing, ready and able to achieve both what is needed from them by the company, but also what they can do to progress their own professional learning and development.
BB bullett 2 Workshop 2. Managing People in Groups – exploring the essential elements of excellent team working and developing the practical skills and methods for leading people in groups including leading meetings and group sessions, understanding group dynamics and facilitating conflict resolution.
BB bullett 2 Workshop 3. Self-Management + Managing Time – exploring ‘self-mastery’ - what ‘playing to your strengths’ means as a manager, when and how to use your natural strengths and when and how these need to be modified to meet the demands of different situations. Also developing practical tools and techniques for managing different roles and multiple priorities in an environment where there will never be enough time for everything and there will often be a fierce competition for our attention and energy.
BB bullett 2 Workshop 4. Leadership Communications – considering that the large majority of people problems that occur in organisations are ‘blamed’ on communication failures, exploring what managers can and should do to make communications effective. Essentially linked to this is developing the communication skills of freeing and trusting your own voice, presenting clear persuasive messages, expert listening and the fine and difficult Art of Asking Really Terrific Questions.

These were practical and participative workshops, with people trying out and practising key approaches and activities with guided reflective learning and feedback. They provided practical tools and techniques people could take away to help them to grow into and become confident and effective in their management activities, in their communications and in their continued company working.

Please feel very welcome to
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